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A new customer is always a good challenge, because of its expectations. Specially if this new customer has been introduced by an historic one, very satisfied of your works, because in this case the expectations are starting on a higher level (with higher risks).

Namio Law Firm, property of Avv. Francesco Namio, has choosen Javalabs to realize their new website. Minimum requirements: nice graphics, highly communicating, 100% responsive and last but not least, manageable by them without any experience in programming and IT. Our answer was a WordPress website with custom modules and template, with colors that matched the ones of the logo (also made by us). The firm, is part of a law firm network (Sdebito) that provides articles and news. Each partner receives a fresh news when the website published it, and in that case, the publication is completely automated.

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Project Info

Customer: Studio Legale Namio

What we used: Wordpress + Tema personalizzato


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